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Blenders Eyewear Avalon Breeze Sunglasses

Blenders // Avalon Breeze

Available in store only


Did you know that Avalon was the mystical island where King Arthur’s kickass sword “Excalibur” was said to be forged? King Arthur slayed with that sword. Like, literally.

Get ready to slay with these on. Like, figuratively.

The Blenders Eyewear Avalon Breeze sunglasses will have you killing it at the beach, in the park, and by the pool. With your girl friends, guy friends, and any “special” friends. You’ll look dope no matter what you’re up to and who you are up-to-ing it with. That’s because they’re a refreshing blast of style, evocative of the final weeks of the warmer months with their blue/green pastel shade, yet perfectly at place any season and with any outfit thanks to those timeless silver-mirrored lenses. They’re fresh and fun. Just like you.

  • Soft Matte Blue Texture
  • Polarized Silver Lenses
  • Maximum Comfortability
  • Microfiber Pouch & Sticker Pack Included
  • Medium-Large Sized
  • Oval and Square Face Shapes

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